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Register to vote!

This year’s California General Election is less than a month away and carries with it far-reaching implications for the future of our state and nation. With that in mind, I would like to remind you that this is the last full week that you can register to vote before the registration deadline, next Monday, Oct. […]

Back to school

Tomorrow is the orientation for my Master’s program in Information Management and Systems at Berkeley, and classes start on Thursday. I’m really glad I took time off in-between work and school, but I’m still a little scared of diving back into academics. Well, excited and scared*. Based solely on digital interactions, both my classmates and […]

Movie Posters Revisited

I know, what is this, I’m blogging again?! Guess that’s what happens when I have a lot of free time and limited mobility. So remember a while back when I posted about similar-looking movie posters? I’ve seen a couple more since then in the same style; these two really seemed to fit the trend with […]


Wisteria has long been one of my favourite plants. I love its twisty, ropy trunk, its vibrant green leaves, its heavy purple and white flowers, and its fuzzy seed pods. In the backyard of Nana’s house there was a venerable wisteria planted next to a pergola. In addition to growing over the structure, however, it […]

Morrison Library

Today after having lunch with Ellen, I wandered around the Berkeley campus for a bit and eventually made my way to the Doe Library. There I took refuge in the Morrison Reading Room: It reminded me of the Lane Reading Room at Stanford. There’s a sign at the entrance that says no cell phones, no […]

Into the Wild (Wicklow Mountains)

Friday was my last day in the Dublin office. Two weeks went by quickly! Friday I returned to Cornucopia for dinner and had some amazing butternut squash and cashew canneloni. Then I revisited the Irish Film Centre to see Mic-Macs, whose preview before A Single Man had piqued my interest. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who […]

In Dublin’s Fair City

Saturday I ventured out into the city once more. A co-worker was kind enough to loan me her unused bicycle, but the tires were flat and the handy pump in the Google garage didn’t have the proper adapter for them. By the way, I love the fact that there’s no parking lot for cars at […]

Friday Night Lights

As I am here for work, it should be no surprise that I spent most of the week working. There’s lots to do in a short period of time, and without my normal evening activities to structure my schedule, I work until after 7, even though I get there no later than 9:30. So I […]

First Days in Dublin

I left San Francisco at noon on Friday and arrived a few hours later in Chicago, where I discovered to my dismay that my plane to Dublin had been delayed 2.5 hours. In the end, we left four hours late, which gave me time to read the first half of Breaking Dawn in the airport […]

Homecoming by the numbers

I just got home from five days of music and dancing at Camp Harmony. That means five days of no cars, no phones, no computers, though I do have two hundred miles on my odometer from driving up to Santa Rosa and back. I sang more songs than I can count, danced at least six […]