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Thursday December 2, 2004

Did I mention that Lea Salonga is my hero?  I adore her voice, and she has played Disney voices, AND she was in the English dub of My Neighbor Totoro (a Miyazaki film).  And she has such a good story, and she is so talented.  Wow.  But mostly I wish I had her voice.  Or […]

Tuesday November 30, 2004

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer Your first full name Your personality rates a nope, zero your best quality is you suck (literally) your worst quality is you have a huge…..ego this is because of who you are inside Quiz created with MemeGen! As though I needed affirmation that I suck. So […]

Wednesday November 10, 2004

What I love about music (I know, I know, boring repetitive blog) is that it can make me smile or feel better even when things aren’t going there best.  Don’t get me wrong, life is pretty good as these things go.  I have a lot to be happy about.  But that doesn’t stop me from […]

Friday November 5, 2004

Though it looked entirely avoidable, my state from most of last year has once again descended upon me.  My academics (mostly just PWR, really) are falling apart at the seams, which means that so are my sanity, self-respect, and sleep habits.  I wish I could say it were just last night and being up too […]

Tuesday November 2, 2004


Sunday October 31, 2004

I wish I had a voice like Idina Menzel.  Or Lea Solanga.  Or Rebecca Luker.  How could you be unhappy if you could always have music that beautiful inside you?  Come to think of it, how can I be unhappy when I can listen to their music (and others’).  *sigh* I love music.  Somehow listening […]

Saturday October 30, 2004

Thank you for so many comments on my last post :).  Things are really fine, I was just having a bad day when I wrote that last entry.  You know how things go…up and down.  Lots and lots of work this weekend, but it is still only Saturday so I’m feeling reasonably optimistic.  Plans to […]

Sunday October 24, 2004

I just wrote a really long rant of an entry then hit alt-backspace or something and accidentally navigated away, deleting the whole thing.  For a second I was even more angry and frustrated, but then the bubble sort of popped and now I just feel like crying.  I should probably be glad that it got […]

This one’s for E

There are giants in the sky There are big tall, terrible giants in the sky… — I’ve heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led to those who help us most to grow If we let them, and we help them in […]

Tuesday October 12, 2004

How good is life when you’re sitting at your desk struggling with a math problem and someone comes by and offers you chocolate mousse cake leftover from some athletic dinner?  Very good.  Perhaps not for my arteries, but at least for my taste buds and my stomach.  Life will be even better when I get […]