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1 full night’s sleep + too long without Jammix or FNW + finished packing for the holidays + listening to dance music at work + canceled 9 AM plans for Saturday morning + getting to and leaving work early today ——————————————————- = very ready to go out dancing tonight!

Young adult fantasy

A friend wrote me and said: “Do you have any gift ideas for a thirteen year old girl who’s into reading? Specifically, I know she likes stories with a strong female protagonist, and I believe along the fantasy/swordplay genre. Are there any books along those lines come to mind…age-appropriate in terms of subject matter, but […]


Falling asleep with ears, as Sandra might say, “full of happy.”


As some of you already know, I’m performing in this year’s Christmas Revels in Oakland.  It’s now my 6th year in Revels, having taken a break while at Stanford.  The official blurb about the show — which opens this weekend! — is below, but here’s a quick summary of the important information. What: The 2007 […]