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Anyone else heard of this?

I just read my second newspaper article in the past month on “alternate reality” games, which seem to have some similarity to LARPs, and the San Jose Mercury News described them as “adventure games that straddle the line between video games and real-world entertainment.” The article in the Mercury News was discussing the game ILoveBees.  […]

Update: 13 June 2008

I now have exactly 100 songs on my social dance playlist, which is 6.3 hours. I am very pleased with my collection, especially since it has grown by 8 new waltzes just since the beginning of the year. So far this year has been chock full of dancing; three dances just this month, and there […]

Thanks for the support/sympathy/offers of help. Actually Prisma, I’d love to work at Google, and may take you up on that offer. I finally got it together to apply for a position at an investment management company** and wrote a cover letter. Proud of myself for finally getting something done, I sent it off to […]

12 January 2007

One word: Jammix.

New Year

I am holding off on a proper list of new year’s resolutions until I can find ones that are at least somewhat realistic. The problem is, I always make the same resolutions and don’t keep them. What’s the trick? One of my potential resolutions would be to keep a (brief) journal. Meaning daily (jour = […]