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A Day in the Life

What would a girl’s life be without PMS a broken bicycle an awkward conversation with a boy about how he likes someone else being informed by a potential employer that they “have decided to move forward with other candidates who more closely match [their] qualifications.” It would be pretty dull, let me tell you.


46 Bobby Pins +10 friends at dinner + 5 hours of dancing + 4 tasty desserts + 3 tired couples on the bus home + 2 pairs of shoes + 1 pink dress + 1 excellent date ————————————————- = 1 wonderful Viennese Ball* *thanks to Carrie at Hair International for a lovely, secure hairdo; to […]

Daddy’s Thoughts

I aspire to an open-hearted and effortless generosity. That is not easy, it is the work of one or more lifetimes. For example, recently, when you said you were coming back for the weekend, I made a sarcastic remark like “you could come by and pick me up and I could carry the credit card […]