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Today I am grateful for balance. There are times when work is stressful or unfulfilling — the days drag by, or the tasks ahead seem overwhelming. Often, during those times, though, I look forward to activities on the evenings and weekends. Dancing, singing, playing games and seeing my friends and family makes me happy and […]


At work today Beah and others were talking about celebrities and varying tastes in beauty. I’m often baffled by the people who show up in things like the “50 Most Beautiful People,” since many of them seem to be more famous than truly beautiful. Many celebrities, indeed many people I know, are attractive, but I […]


Clearly I don’t blog very regularly. Whenever I do write, there’s always so much that’s happened in my life since the last time that I hardly know where to begin. This past week marks my two year “Googleversary.” That means I’ve been working full time at Google for two years. In that time I’ve been […]

Artist of the Week

Missy Higgins Age: 25 What’s her deal?: Yet another talented young singer-songwriter, this time from Australia! I like her soulful lyrics and slightly folky sound; “Going North” makes a very nice waltz, and “Where I Stood” is an evocative song for me even though the words aren’t personally relevant. Not only does she sing, write, […]

April Fools’ at Google

Happy April 1! Like last year, I’m compiling a list of April Fools’ jokes from Google: CADIE: The world’s first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. “I’m very young but learning quickly — faster than your human brain could imagine, frankly — and not all of what I’m learning, to be blunt, has been entirely pleasing to […]

This Wearing of the Green

St. Patrick’s Day always reminds me of a poem I memorized in Mrs. McEwan’s fifth grade class called “Wearing of the Green” by Aileen Fisher: It ought to come in April, or, better yet, in May when everything is green as green- I mean St. Patrick’s Day. With still a week of winter this wearing […]

Camp Harmony

This year I spent my first new year’s at the San Francisco Folk Music Society’s Camp Harmony. On December 30, I drove up to Camp Newman, which is just outside Santa Rosa, with Graham and Lacey, who have both been attending camp for years. Even though they had told me how wonderful it would be, […]