Monthly Archives August 2003

Yay me!

I defied my own expectations. I bicycled over to Kaiser in Walnut Creek, got a meningitis shot, then bicycled over to Broadway Plaza and bought myself two shirts and a (decaf) frappucino. AND I even biked home, resisting the urge to take the shuttle to BART. Wow. Maybe I’ll take the bus up to Campo […]

What is wrong with me?

I should feel lucky that I have so much time on my hands; I mean, I’m sure there is a lot that I could do. Problem is, I either can’t think of it or am not motivated to do it. Today, for instance, I should go to Kaiser and get my meningitis vaccination and a […]

Fingers crossed


vacation…sort of

So I’m in Santa Barbara. The hotel is nice, but it is overcast this morning. What’s up with that? And Jackie told me not to bring pants so I didn’t and now I don’t want to go outside because it is too cold. Grr. Maybe the fog will burn off later in the day. Fingers […]

I should have saved my previous title for this one

So all I want is to see my friends and go see the movie Camp. You’d never believe how hard that is. Yesterday we couldn’t go to the 2 PM mattinee because Jackie was busy, and then Lisa discovered she had plans preventing us from going to the 4:30 showing. Today Jackie is busy, tonight […]

Nobody said it was easy

That is, for reference, a line from a song, and not really relevant to anything I’m going to say. Yesterday was a beautiful day, weather wise. I walked to the Lafayette BART station and managed to get on the same train that Paul was on coming from Berkeley. He saw me get on and found […]


I am going to cry. So I carefully garnered the approval of the Buck Foundation for the computer I wanted, which is EXACTLY what I wanted at a good price, and now there AREN’T any more from the website. Two days ago there were 30-some odd of them. WHY? Why did it all take so […]


Paul and I made cookies today. It was fun, even though I ate too much dough and too many cookies. Oh well. Yum.

Lonely on a Wednesday afternoon

How is it only Wednesday? Feels like it should be later in the week. So many could haves for today…could have taken BART to visit my dad in SF, could have ridden my bike somewhere, could have gone swimming. ANYTHING. *sigh* Oh well. Of course, what I really wanted to do was see Paul, but […]

wow I got comments

So for a week or two I don’t post much and get no comments, and then TWO of them. Wow. So E, if you’re reading this, I’d love to chat more about why you feel the need for ambiguity and Vertical Horizon lyrics. Umm…yeah, my sore throat won’t go away, but I’m having fun posting […]