Monthly Archives June 2004

Sunday June 13, 2004

Meme from Tuesday the 25th (“If there is one person you can’t stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal”) is up to 3988 search results on BlogPulse. Hm. If only I had something more interesting to say here… :). I’m a little worried how much time I’ve spent playing StepMania (PC […]

Wednesday June 9, 2004

Were you ever kind?Were you always cruel?Who’s ever seen that other side of you… The lyrics aren’t relevant to anything I’m just listening to it (Guster’s “Either Way”).  For some reason singing that particular bit of the chorus always makes me want to cry.  It is such a moving song somehow…I really love it.  I […]

Monday June 7, 2004

Saw Harry Potter yesterday…I had mixed reactions, but at the very least it was obvious to me that the director was different. Altogether yesterday was a very nice day…left me tired in a pleasant sort of way, and then I got nine hours of sleep last night. Have I mentioned that my sister rocks? She’s […]

Thursday June 3, 2004

Reasons life is good right now: 10. Butternut squash ravioli for dinner9.  Understanding the problems on the math practice midterm8.  Stanford’s beautiful campus7.  Summer in 5 days6.  Nice weather5.  Getting a 50″ TV, playstation, and DDR pads for the summer4.  “A” on my PWR research paper3.  Amazing scholarship paying for me to come here2.  Wonderful […]