Monthly Archives August 2010

Back to school

Tomorrow is the orientation for my Master’s program in Information Management and Systems at Berkeley, and classes start on Thursday. I’m really glad I took time off in-between work and school, but I’m still a little scared of diving back into academics. Well, excited and scared*. Based solely on digital interactions, both my classmates and […]

Movie Posters Revisited

I know, what is this, I’m blogging again?! Guess that’s what happens when I have a lot of free time and limited mobility. So remember a while back when I posted about similar-looking movie posters? I’ve seen a couple more since then in the same style; these two really seemed to fit the trend with […]


Wisteria has long been one of my favourite plants. I love its twisty, ropy trunk, its vibrant green leaves, its heavy purple and white flowers, and its fuzzy seed pods. In the backyard of Nana’s house there was a venerable wisteria planted next to a pergola. In addition to growing over the structure, however, it […]

Morrison Library

Today after having lunch with Ellen, I wandered around the Berkeley campus for a bit and eventually made my way to the Doe Library. There I took refuge in the Morrison Reading Room: It reminded me of the Lane Reading Room at Stanford. There’s a sign at the entrance that says no cell phones, no […]