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This week was long and stressful work-wise, but it shaped up towards the end thanks in part to lots of dancing. Tonight my tired feet and I are going to sleep cozily and enjoy the rain being outside watering the earth and making a pleasant patter and filling up Lake Lagunita.

Artist of the week

Ingrid Michaelson Age: 27 What’s her deal?: Talented young singer/songwriter.  If you watch television, you may have heard the song “Keep Breathing” in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 Finale, or her latest hit “The Way I Am” on Old Navy Commercials.  Apparently, after Grey’s Anatomy ended, there was a big rush to find her song […]

2007 Year in Review: Music and Theatre

One of my new year’s resolutions is to write more frequently, so I’m going to start by working around a format I’m comfortable with, the list. I love attending live music and theatre performances, and usually make it to at least one a month.  The following are the shows I enjoyed most in 2007, ordered […]


Some days, unfortunate things happen to my mental and emotional state: the world overwhelms me and I feel unable to cope my confidence and self-worth drop I imagine ways to cease existing, e.g. being made of glass so that I could throw myself against a rock, shatter, then toss the shards into the sky to […]


I’ve now taken 4 political quizzes in the last week, three of which suggested that the political candidate who best matched my views and opinions was Barack Obama. So I guess I’m going to check out what he’s about and start thinking seriously about who I want to vote for in the upcoming elections.