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I think I need a change of scenery – perhaps a few days home over break will suffice. I reach this point by the last day of every quarter; after spending weeks pouring my energy into academics, I feel drained and aimless. Much as I appreciate the rain, it also doesn’t do much to lighten […]

Spring study list

OH 52: Asking questions, getting answers (2 units) Course Description: Continuation of OH 51. Topics include how to prepare for office hours with your professor, what sorts of questions get the best answers, and strategies for overcoming fear of sounding stupid. Prerequisite: ability and willingness to go to office hours. AM 101: Introduction to compulsive […]

bad mood blues

Disclaimer: I’m venting; I’m not physically violent or suicidal; this too shall pass. So I’m feeling angry right now, and this is something that happens much more frequently than I’d like. Small things too easily make me upset and angry, and my method of “dealing” with them seems to consist largely of 1. Overreacting 2. […]