Friday Night Lights

The GasometerAs I am here for work, it should be no surprise that I spent most of the week working. There’s lots to do in a short period of time, and without my normal evening activities to structure my schedule, I work until after 7, even though I get there no later than 9:30. So I didn’t do much in the evenings during the week, though I did make it out to dinner with one of my co-workers on Thursday. I also managed to to modify a proxy configuration we use at work to access Lala and Pandora, which made the work days much more pleasant. The photo on the left is one of the buildings in the Gasworks, where I’m staying.

Spiraling SnakeFriday night I rode the bus to the city center area of Dublin near Trinity College. I didn’t have any particular goal or plan, but I wound up at the Dublin Castle. It was very quiet and empty at night and a little eerie — I was almost the only person there. When I made my way back to normal streets from a castle exit, I found myself across from an Indian restaurant called Jaipur, which Charlene had recommended, so naturally I went in for dinner. I can’t recall if I’ve ever gone out to eat at a proper restaurant by myself before. ‘Spose there’s a first time for everything, and the food was tasty, though I prefer Bay Area restaurants. After deciding that tracking down another bus wasn’t worth it, I walked home. More on the rest of the weekend later.

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    How long was the walk? Are you actually liking your visit? Any chance to get out and about on weekends?

    Posted 28 Feb 2010 at 21:01
  2. Rowyn wrote:

    Only a mile and a half, which normally would be a silly distance to take a bus, but my knees don’t support much walking these days. And yes, I did get out on the weekend. As I said, more later.

    Posted 01 Mar 2010 at 03:43
  3. Jason wrote:

    Too bad about the solitary supper. I used to do that when I had a job that was second shift – but it wasn’t too bad because I always brought something to read and 3:00 am is a weird time to have dinner anyway. Looking forward to hearing more about your weekend.

    Posted 01 Mar 2010 at 11:02

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