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Tomorrow is the orientation for my Master’s program in Information Management and Systems at Berkeley, and classes start on Thursday. I’m really glad I took time off in-between work and school, but I’m still a little scared of diving back into academics. Well, excited and scared*. Based solely on digital interactions, both my classmates and the department staff seem quite friendly, so I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making friends here. I currently have two classes I’m definitely taking: Information Organization and Retrieval (a required course), and Quantitative Research Methods (which sounds useful and interesting). I may be able to test out of the required computing course, but if not, I’m sure it will be good review. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a better sense of what a reasonable course load is. I’m always wary of overburdening myself, but especially this semester, because I will performing in The Christmas Revels and the shows coincide with finals (!).

Any tips for grad school and/or Berkeley as a school and town?

*Though scary is exciting, nice is different than good.

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  1. Michael wrote:

    Scary and exciting, indeed. Does your program only have the one day of orientation? Mine has had me sitting through various sessions for the first three days of this week. See you around campus!

    Posted 24 Aug 2010 at 22:30
  2. Jason wrote:

    If you haven’t been to Herbivore yet, Ann and Athena and I should come up and treat you, it’s delicious.

    Posted 30 Aug 2010 at 23:05

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