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Yoinked from someone else’s WP plugins…

Saw this audio player on thefire’s blog and thought it was nifty. These songs reflect my mood this week, so I’ll leave them to speak better than my own words. Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day John Mayer – Dreaming with a Broken Heart Michael Bublé – Home Ingrid Michaelson – Keep Breathing It’s […]


Breakfast: -oatmeal + brown sugar and fat-free milk -peppermint tea w/honey Snack: -cinnamon raisin scone -blueberry/pomegranate/passionfruit smoothie Lunch: -green beans -mini veggie burger -rice pilaf w/squash -vegan chili w/dab of sour cream Dessert: -1 small chocolate profiterole Snack: -Ococo’s chocolate crisps -cranberry/apple/banana smoothie -chocolate wafers (NOT HEALTHY!!!) Dinner:


Breakfast: -TJ’s raisin bran clusters + 1% milk Snack: -banana Lunch: -salad: apples, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, apple vinaigrette (yellow) -braised kohlrabi (green) -“tofu napoleon” (green): tofu, vegetables, marinara sauce -grilled delicata squash (green) Dessert: -flourless chocolate cake -vegan brownie Dinner: -mini veggie burger (yellow) -green salad with thousand-island dressing -odwalla protein bar -mango/orange/soy smoothie […]