Movie Posters Revisited

The Family StoneThe Heartbreak KidI know, what is this, I’m blogging again?! Guess that’s what happens when I have a lot of free time and limited mobility. So remember a while back when I posted about similar-looking movie posters? I’ve seen a couple more since then in the same style; these two really seemed to fit the trend with the red and black sans-serif text and multiple pictures.

Seriously, who designs these things? Trust Google to lead me to a helpful website, the Internet Movie Poster Awards. To my surprise, none of these posters are done by the same design companies, but it’s pretty interesting to see the trends within particular firms, such as B.L.T. and Associates, who did The Heartbreak Kid. There are quite a few more examples on their page with red and/or and black text (I Love You Man, Modern Family, 17 Again and Desperate Housewives) or the vertically-centered title between two images (Eat, Pray, Love, Julie & Julia, Something’s Gotta Give). Although my sister has the family share of aesthetic talent, I like to think I can at least notice and appreciate design :).

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  1. Wysz wrote:

    You may also enjoy these videos about the similarities of movie trailers:

    And more poster fun:

    Posted 14 Aug 2010 at 18:05
  2. Rowyn wrote:

    Hahaha I’d only seen that first video, and the second video and the posters were great! Of course, this always reminds me of the trailer to H2G2:

    Posted 14 Aug 2010 at 18:19

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