Monthly Archives March 2003


Please please please let me take back all of my negativity over the past week, because it was unfounded. Three very exciting things in the mail, in order of excitingness: 1. Acceptance to Harvey Mudd (whew) 2. Acceptance to Stanford (ACK! Stanford…STANFORD! EEE!) 3. The Buck Scholarship (NO WAY. OH. MY. GOD. I got it. […]

Victorian poetry, bombs, and college

I’ve gotten into all three UCs that I applied to now, which is good, I guess, even though it wasn’t my goal in life to go to one. On a different note, since no one reads this, I’ll just use it for my own benefit by prioritizing this weekend: HOMEWORK Chem presentation – powerpoint (get […]

A cappella ecstasy

As my friend Alex would say, there has been “so much happiness!” today. It was an okay day until I got to choir and discovered that the Yale a cappella group “Out of the Blue” was singing for us today! Thank you so so so so so much to them and to whomever arranged this! […]


So hours and hours of rehearsal and six performances later I’m finally done with the school musical. It went remarkably well. The real reason I’m posting though is that I got into MIT. Yay! The irony is that one of my best friends didn’t get in. Although I probably do have stronger academic credentials overall, […]

The sunshine almost makes me forget…

I wish I could forget the fact that I missed the Cal Grant deadline. I did manage to correct my FAFSA to send it to two more UCs, but still…*sigh* Oh well. Despite that, it was such a lovely day today. I went on a walk with Paul, which always makes me happy. Sometimes I […]

The horror of unmet deadlines

Here I was thinking my horrible week was finally over. I was even enjoying an evening with my friends. Then something really depressing occurred to me: February only has 28 days, which means that as of today, it is March 1st and I have probably missed at least 3 financial-aid related deadlines, not to mention […]