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This blog exists so I don’t have to keep using stupid anonymous posting on LiveJournals. I remain faithful to upsaid, with Xanga as a backup. Find the real rabbit hole at —-Edit: upsaid no longer exists (except a bit on the internet archive,*/ Xanga’s still hanging around at

Monday January 19, 2004

Do you get pop-ups on my weblog? I don’t, even when I disable pop-up blocking with the Google Toolbar. But I made sure my profile image was an uploaded file, not a link from Geocities or anything. Anyway. I decided I really like the ending song for Return of the King – “Into the West” […]

I Sing for You

I sing for you and only youWherever I go I find youYou’re in the sound of every helloIn everything I doYou’re the song I was destined to knowAnd I only sing for you You went away. I should have knownYou leave so many dreams behind youThought I’d be fine just being aloneI didn’t have a […]

Exploding Dog Good day today: class, lunch, class, reading in Bing, walk, class, dinner, physics, juggling, now.  Saw the Angel of Grief, which I never knew existed.  Maybe I will go there again sometime.  Oh, and the link has nothing to do with anything.  There are lots, and I just chose this one.  My sister sends […]

Group Theory

fact: Group theory is challenging to me because it requires me to visualize things.  following fact: I have a lot of group theory problems plus a lot of physics problems due Friday further fact: I did not finish my IHUM reading for tomorrow. final fact: It is late and I am tired, therefore I am […]

Tuesday January 13, 2004

It is somewhat amusing in a sad way to look back through my weblog/journal entries and find one that says pretty much exactly what I’m thinking/feeling at the present.  Somehow I’m always a little bit surprised that I could have felt so unhappy or whatever in just the same way before, and perhaps even multiple […]