Monthly Archives October 2003

Thursday October 30, 2003

So in case you haven’t figured it out, I don’t really use Xanga that much.  Mostly I post on upsaid:

Wednesday October 22, 2003

*whistling* Tally one for mood swings.  I almost want to erase that last entry because it is less relevant today than yesterday.  We’ll see about other days, though.  Ah changeability…

Tuesday October 21, 2003

I think I need a confessor.  But not a priest.  For some reason I have changed in a way that I only just noticed yesterday.  I used to keep things to myself (I think) and either really didn’t want to tell people or at least refrained from telling them.  Now, however, I can’t stand not […]

Monday October 20, 2003

I am listening to the Guster song Amsterdam right now.  Everyone should listen to Guster.  It makes me happy.  This weekend has been good all around, I’d say, even though I am missing X-2 because of chem homework.  Grr.  Friday the LARP was loads of fun and I got to know some gaming people better.  Yesterday […]

Wednesday October 15, 2003

Wow, two amusing things that I read today made me literally laugh out loud.  The first ws Scott’s Wandering Monk story.  Admittedly I didn’t get the point, but parts of it amused me anyway.  I would post it here but the people who read this journal most likely wouldn’t find it as amusing as I. The second thing […]

Tuesday October 14, 2003

Preface: This blog started as a comment on Danny’s Xanga but got too long.  So it is addressed to Danny but can be (and maybe should be) read by everyone. Despite your j/k, I have to respond to what you said.  I am Catholic, that is a fact.  As we have already established, however, that […]

Sunday October 12, 2003

Tristesse J’ai perdu ma force et ma vie,Et mes amis et ma gaîté ;J’ai perdu jusqu’à la fiertéQui faisait croire à mon génie. Quand j’ai connu la Vérité,J’ai cru que c’était une amieQuand je l’ai comprise et sentieJ’en était déjà dégouté. Et pourtant elle est éternelle,Et ceux qui se sont passé d’elleIci-bas ont tout ignoré. […]

Friday October 10, 2003

After all my distress and dismay, Friday afternoon brings the world to rights again.  My paper is turned in, and it is now officially the weekend.  Paul is visiting me tomorrow, and suddenly I feel freed from some heavy weight.  Admittedly it will come back again before too long, but I revel in my temporary […]

Tuesday October 7, 2003

College isn’t just another summer camp. I think part of me has’t really realized that. I feel like even if I don’t manage to make really good friends it won’t matter in the long run because I’ll just be going back to the friends I already have. But where is back?  Our group from high school […]