Monthly Archives October 2008


It took me a while to understand Lara‘s “Google-Age” posts, but looking at the queries for which my site is coming up as a Google result, I’m now inspired to write one of my own: is welsh hard – I certainly think so. Try saying “I arddangos gwir brydferthwch” five times fast. Scrap that, try […]

Artist of the week

Alison Sudol Age: 23 What’s her deal?: Alison Sudol, a.k.a. A Fine Frenzy, is (another) talented young singer-songwriter. recommended her because I like Vienna Teng and Sara Bareilles, and I’m so glad they did! I was able to preview her whole album “One Cell in the Sea” on their site and have been listening […]

Three four five month retrospective: Part II

As usual I’ve been very slow about writing these update blog posts, but better (two months) late than never, right? So winding the clock back to June… In my last retrospective I forgot to mention that at the end of May I saw Vienna Teng perform in San Francisco. She is one of my favourite […]