Monthly Archives April 2005


Somewhere between the end of CS section yesterday and dinner today I think I lost my sense of reality. Yesterday was Earth Day, so I spent a few hours in White Plaza helping man a table for the Recycling Center. I also got to see Hammad briefly. After voice I went straight to Potter and […]


I just found out from my dad that our (family plan) cell phone bill was obscenely high last month, thanks to me and my sister. Obviously I am taking responsibility for my cellphone use, but I’d appreciate help from people who call me (since I’m charged for incoming calls too) in the following way: Please, […]

Film scores

I just need to marvel at the genius and productivity of the best film composers: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, James Horner. The four of them have composed the scores for most of my favorite films and of many, many of the top films of the past few decades. They are the giants of […]


I love my sister. Even when it is raining and I have spent all day reading for class, it is impossible to be unhappy when listening to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston on the CD that she made me.