First Days in Dublin

I left San Francisco at noon on Friday and arrived a few hours later in Chicago, where I discovered to my dismay that my plane to Dublin had been delayed 2.5 hours. In the end, we left four hours late, which gave me time to read the first half of Breaking Dawn in the airport bookstore. Yes, the last Twilight book. Yes, I’ve read the first three too. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and I got to Dublin around 2pm on Saturday to find the sun shining and no hassle going through customs or getting a taxi to Google.

Traveling for work is nice: I am staying in a furnished apartment with kitchen, laundry machine, and of course wireless internet. It’s mere hundreds of feet from the Google office buildings. After dropping my stuff off, I wandered down to Merrion Square, which was on my map from Graham’s visit, and picked up some lozenges for the sore throat I’d developed on the flight over. Feeling pretty zonked, I lay down to take a “nap” before dinner. Yeah, you know where this is leading. At 8pm I got up, ate a banana, brushed my teeth, and went back to bed. I woke up at 2am, unsurprisingly, and read/puttered online until 8, then went back to sleep until 2pm. Finally got my schedule back on track last night, though. I haven’t gone anywhere besides work and the grocery store so I haven’t any pictures to share (sorry). Here are some lists instead:

Things I like:

  • The cars. They’re all tiny and cute, and so many hatchbacks!
  • The dish soap. It’s called, “Washing Up Liquid.”
  • The folks at Google. The SQE team here is very welcoming and friendly.
  • The Irish accents. I wish I had one.

Things I miss:

  • Online content. No Lala, no Pandora, no Netflix streaming, no Hulu. ::cry::
  • Familiar food. For the most part it’s fun to shop here, but I keep stumbling across hard-to-fill gaps like tofu and refried beans. Things also seem more expensive.
  • My work desk. I’m rather fond of my keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup in Mountain View.
  • My right ear not feeling gurgly whenever I blow my nose or yawn.

Comments 2

  1. Graham wrote:

    I’m glad you made it there okay, and I think you should develop an Irish accent. You’ve got three weeks, after all. :-)

    Posted 22 Feb 2010 at 16:22
  2. wrote:

    I agree with Graham, you definitely should develop an accent.

    I should have told you to take some melatonin with you – it’s really great for helping adjust to a new time zone, but I think it’s not readily available over there.

    Post some pictures when you get a chance!

    Posted 22 Feb 2010 at 19:08

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