Monthly Archives June 2003

Last day of high school

And all I have left to do is fail my econ final. Yay!

Almost there…

The title ’bout sums it up. I’m alternately staggering and sprinting, but the finish line is in sight.

Bad feelings, bad thoughts

A rant: I hate choir. I hate having five (5!!) hours of my day sucked up by a choir concert that is humiliating and a waste of my time. I hate coming home at 11 PM having done no work, tired, and grumpy. I hate feeling ungenerous towards people, which is always too easy with […]

Getting my boogie down (actually, just listening to the song)

For some reason I feel right with the world. Nice feeling. Too bad I don’t have more to say right now. … I’m submitting my housing, food, roomate, and humanities preference forms. Yay. I think. … Nice weather today. I would like to sleep, but I need to write an econ bill. Plus it is […]

Lonely on a Sunday Afternoon

Yeah, so I’m writing this because I’m lonely and frustrated. Sure I can talk to some of my friends online but I’m feeling at odds with Paul. I feel upset but then I don’t like feeling like I am blaming another person for the way I’m feeling, so I turn it on myself. Clever, I […]