Monthly Archives August 2006

Advice, please

I’m spending some quality time on Axess trying to sketch a rough course plan for this year so that I can finish major, minor, and GER.  The only GER I have left to fill is an area 4 requirement; I took a gender class, but need something either from American cultures, world cultures (now “Global […]

Warning: Possibly controversial

A video on saving the Arctic refuge: If you don’t feel like watching a somewhat sappy video featuring Robert Redford but aren’t too hot on drilling for oil in the Arctic, consider sending a message to senators encouraging them to oppose the “American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act,” which will open up 2,000 acres […]

If you like Googletalk…

This is completely silly, but if you use Googletalk (or *would* if it had more features) please go to and suggest conference calls. Or…um…whatever you want to suggest. I just think Google + voice over IP conference calling = winning combination for dorky gamers like me. :)