Monthly Archives April 2003

My quirky family, among other things

There’s something to say for Disney movies, there really is. Even though they’re dumb, and the animation is going down the drain, they have a way of ending happily, however implausibly. I read an article the other day that I totally agreed with, saying that sometimes PG-13 movies are a nice break from the “reality” […]

I’m too lazy to write in a real journal

But at the same time I don’t think I’ll write about what I thought I was going to write about. Not the kind of thing anyone needs to read. Funny, how that is. You don’t want to be the only one knowing what you know, but you don’t want to tell anyone. Go figure.


Several things (preface: I like lists…whee!!!) 1. I am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED by teachers (coughdonohoecough) who fail to fulfill their obligations to prepare us for a. The AP test b. Future English classes 2. STAR testing rocks. Yay to extra sleep. 3. I need to break my bad habits. MUST…..STOP…. 4. You know you’ve got a […]

Second semester senior at last?

By some fluke or what have you, I had no (NO) homework yesterday or the day before. Today, I am supposed to write up a chem lab with which I am almost finished. Sure, there’s stuff I have to do by, say, Friday, but I’m trying to savor my lack of homework as long as […]

Bothersome illness

I’m tired of my sore throat. It started Wednesday, felt marginally better Friday, and still hurts just as much as it did Friday morning. Odd thing is, it doesn’t sting like a normal sore throat, and I haven’t any other symptoms of anything. Very frustrating…I’ve tried everything I can think of. It is amazing how […]

counting my blessings

For some reason I’m feeling happy. I don’t have much homework, I watched a movie today and didn’t work, and even though I’m getting sick, my life is just fine. People I know seem to be happy for me, which reminds me to be happy for myself. It also helps when certain people call me… […]

What’s in a name?

I ask because a book and a movie in the past week have made me wonder. In The Poisonwood Bible, when a girl named Adah narrates, she speaks of learning from a native boy in the Congo the importance of *nommo* – names. The boy says that you cannot afford to give things the wrong […]