I’m currently a master’s student at UC Berkeley’s School of Information. Here’s my résumé, and you can view some of my recent coding projects below:

  • Craigslist++: Mashup between Craigslist and BigHugeThesaurus which allows users to select synonyms for their furniture-related search terms and perform parallel searches. [html]
  • #trends: Interactive visualization of trending Twitter hashtags on Google Maps. [html]
  • TastyCrate: Tool for extracting and storing recipes from web pages tagged with the hRecipe microformat. Upload source to git. [html][source]
  • Privacy Patterns: Repository of design patterns for privacy-preserving technology. [html][source]
  • Egads: Collection of custom Drupal modules for higher education course management. [html][source]
  • ClassShare: Tool for students at the Berkeley School of Information to share and review courses they have taken from other departments. [html][source]