Monthly Archives September 2004

Wednesday September 22, 2004

I was in a very good mood, having run into Pat and Hammad at dinner this evening, and then I got back and got some unsolicted call from some company and I’m absolutely horrible about hanging up on them and I HATE STANFORD OR WHATEVER INSTITUTION DECIDED TO SELL MY PHONE NUMBER TO THIRD PARTIES […]

Oh the joy of memes…

What LARP are you? by pandoradeloeste Username Age PC or Mac? PCMac Softlands or White Wolf? SoftlandsWhite WolfWhat’re you talking about? Gimme an orc to slay! DDR or Diablo? DDRDiabloToo busy writing RPGs to play video games East or West Campus? EastWest The name of your LARP is: “Arr, Matey!” The Pirate LARP Your GM […]

Tuesday September 7, 2004

There is something oddly soothing about hanging up clean laundry on our clothesline.  The air is hot but the damp clothes are cool over my shoulders.  The yard is unmanicured and unruly and I can enjoy a rare moment of loving my home for being home, despite its imperfections.  Clean laundry in the sunlight of […]