Monthly Archives January 2005

Friday January 28, 2005

love can hurt so much

Wednesday January 26, 2005

I do exist.  Sorry I am so out of touch with everyone; I have no excuse, really.  Today was a sunshiney, rainy day, replete with a full-arched double rainbow.  Now it is just a matter of deciding what work is worth doing and convincing myself to do the non-homework things that are also important (such […]

Tuesday January 18, 2005

Is it wrong that I went to bed before 11 last night and got up at 9 this morning and all I want to do right now is climb back into bed?  Meh.

Monday January 10, 2005

Yay I finally got Eclipse to work for me and now I can do the first CS106A assignment!  Turns out I, being the nerd I am, downloaded the software before they had updated it, and the new version works the way it is supposed to.  I also have a new bowl for food = non-dining […]

Saturday January 1, 2005

So it has been a month, and I have been reading other people’s blogs and feeling like I should update mine.  Winter break is over, had a decent Christmas and a fun new year’s eve, although the overall tone has been sort of blue.  Being home is stressful in a very different way from school; […]