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Happy new year! Thank you for a year of fun and good friends.

Style stealing from Inga

Today, I am happy about: Getting an extension on my linguistics homework until Thursday. *relief* Today, I am less happy about: Being only about halfway done with the CS assignment due tomorrow. Today, I wish that: I had studied more for the French unit test I’m taking in 30 minutes.

Advice, please

I’m spending some quality time on Axess trying to sketch a rough course plan for this year so that I can finish major, minor, and GER.  The only GER I have left to fill is an area 4 requirement; I took a gender class, but need something either from American cultures, world cultures (now “Global […]

Warning: Possibly controversial

A video on saving the Arctic refuge: If you don’t feel like watching a somewhat sappy video featuring Robert Redford but aren’t too hot on drilling for oil in the Arctic, consider sending a message to senators encouraging them to oppose the “American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act,” which will open up 2,000 acres […]

If you like Googletalk…

This is completely silly, but if you use Googletalk (or *would* if it had more features) please go to and suggest conference calls. Or…um…whatever you want to suggest. I just think Google + voice over IP conference calling = winning combination for dorky gamers like me. :)


…is coming back to San Francisco, July 25 to August 5.  Anyone want to go see it with me?

Sights, smells, sounds

After a long and indecisive spring, it is most definitely summer.  By way of update, this summer I am living at my grandmother’s house on Amherst Street (just east of Stanford Avenue).  I am working part time as a community garden manager on campus, which thus far includes mostly trying to figure out what the […]

New Music

I was just introduced to an artist named Jonathan Coulton by my friend Scott. Scott describes Coulton: “Good artist, generally funny, and has a penchant for making really atypical love songs (for example, “Code-monkey”, “Skullcrusher Mountain” and “I Crush Everything” – one of my favorites, written from the perspective of a giant squid).”  Needless to […]

Sociolinguistics Final Paper

This quarter I took a class in sociolinguistics, which is the Writing in the Major class for linguistics. Sociolinguistics is the study of how language and culture are related and how language is used in different social contexts. I chose to write my final research paper on the use of language in World of Warcraft. […]


I’m tired of reading my posts about myself. I hence suspend published blog entries until able to disucss meaningfully the world outside my own feelings and experiences. Estimated end of suspension: unknown.