Monthly Archives January 2006


I’m discovering this year how much it can hurt to “lose” a close friend. Our conversations no longer feel as personal, as connected, and they are few and far between at best. It hurts the most to look back on the past, to remind myself how things have changed. I have written correspondence and memories […]

Dance Tracks

Rotary waltz/redowa Erin Shore (The Corrs) Nara (E. S. Posthumus) Stormens Oga (Nordman) Two Hearts Beat as One (unknown) Cross-step waltz Angel (Sarah McLaghlan) Ashokan Farewell (Jay Ungar) It is You (Shrek soundtrack) Satellite (Dave Matthews Band) The Chase (Emer Kenny) Swing Zoot Suit Riot (Cherry Poppin Daddies) Jump Jive an’ Wail (Brian Setzer) Stray […]

Song of the hour, courtesy of Frank Sinatra

Anymore it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. We’ve been injurin’ each other much too long. And it’s too late to try to save what might have been. It’s over; nobody wins. Make believin’ in forever is just a lie. And it seems a little sadder each time we try. ‘Cause it’s a shame to […]

Good Night, and Good Luck

1). Has anyone seen this? I hear it is very good. 2). Does anyone have any interest in seeing it? I would like to, and it is showing at the very close by (if small) Aquarius Theatre, just off University. Thought this weekend, seeing as it’s long, might be a good time for a matinee […]