The sunshine almost makes me forget…

I wish I could forget the fact that I missed the Cal Grant deadline. I did manage to correct my FAFSA to send it to two more UCs, but still…*sigh* Oh well. Despite that, it was such a lovely day today. I went on a walk with Paul, which always makes me happy. Sometimes I worry when I feel like I’m not having really deep conversations any more. But then, I usually either realise that it can be just enough to enjoy another person’s company, or else we suddenly ended up in an interesting discussion of mathematical limits or the purpose of education. So my fears are assuaged. Heh. Vocabulary word, that is.

Back to my deadlines, though…I also realised that I have a backlog of eight current events I haven’t done for gov’t/econ. Sure, they’re not that hard, but I just never get around to doing them, and then I lose points. Why can’t I find a way to get it all done? WHY WHY WHY? People tell me there isn’t a way but I can’t handle that bleak a prospect, so I must believe there is a way.

Please tell me there’s a way….

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