Please please please let me take back all of my negativity over the past week, because it was unfounded. Three very exciting things in the mail, in order of excitingness:

1. Acceptance to Harvey Mudd (whew)

2. Acceptance to Stanford (ACK! Stanford…STANFORD! EEE!)

3. The Buck Scholarship (NO WAY. OH. MY. GOD. I got it. I GOT IT!!!!!)

*erm* yes

So I’m ecstatic, fulfilled, justified, humbled, proud…how do you describe it? I got what I wanted. The best possible outcome is now reality. REAL. It hasn’t really sunk in but I want to tell everyone and hug everyone I see and laugh out loud. Wow…

For reference, Stanford is my top choice, and the scholarship will pay for all of it. Everything. Housing, tuition, food, books, even a computer. And they chose ME. Of all people: ME!. Wow…

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  1. Angie wrote:

    wow, congratulations! No, you don’t know me, but, good luck, any how! :)

    Posted 02 Apr 2003 at 21:02
  2. "eloscuridad" wrote:

    first off let me say that even though i may say that i am jealous in reality i… well… am a bit. but before i even though of being jealous i was really really happy at the though of having associated with someone who just got a full ride to stanford…

    honestly, i am so so so so happy for you! yeah! j00 got in to stan-ford, la la la la la- la…
    heh. and for the first time in my entire life i am happy that i am a year younger than you so that i don’t feel at all obligated to compete.

    not that i compete with you anyway, just

    i’m so happy !!!

    (i knew you would get in…)

    (well, not KNEW, but… you know…)

    i’m going to post this now before i start babbling (more, i guess…)
    ~me. you know who and the world does not ;P

    Posted 03 Apr 2003 at 22:28

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