Monday October 20, 2003

I am listening to the Guster song Amsterdam right now.  Everyone should listen to Guster.  It makes me happy.  This weekend has been good all around, I’d say, even though I am missing X-2 because of chem homework.  Grr.  Friday the LARP was loads of fun and I got to know some gaming people better.  Yesterday I got a sweet package from Paul and his family…sort of a care package, I guess.  Chapstick, bath gel, extra hairbands, nail clippers.  It was awfully nice of them.  So that made me happy.  And then there was an a cappella concert in the evening and the last group was Talisman and they sang “One by One” which makes me INSANELY happy.  Don’t ask why; call me a dork all you like.  They were sooo good and hearing that song always makes me grin my head off irrationally.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before about some music but it is just unbelievable how ecstatic I get.  Then, I was talking online to this guy from SGS (the Stanford Gaming Society) and I asked him about anime and he has a poster from Spirited Away!  How cool is that?  Wow.  That made me happy.  AND today I learned that Miyazaki’s newest film, currently unavailiable in the US, is having a premier in TWO WEEKS in Berekely.  YAY!  So lots of happiness all the way around, despite my stupid chem and the fact that I have a lot of work this week.  Who cares.  Life is good.

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  1. ecofanat1c wrote:

    Haha, there’s lots of happiness, I’m guessing?  This entry made me smile.

    Posted 22 Oct 2003 at 12:27

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