Tuesday October 14, 2003

Preface: This blog started as a comment on Danny’s Xanga but got too long.  So it is addressed to Danny but can be (and maybe should be) read by everyone.

Despite your j/k, I have to respond to what you said.  I am Catholic, that is a fact.  As we have already established, however, that does not mean I hold all the stereotypical Catholic/Biblical views.  It would be wrong to assume that my morality has nothing to do with my religion, but while my personal preferences may be influenced by my religious views, I think many of them would be the same regardless of my religion or lack thereof.  Undoubtedly I am just a by-product of societal conceptions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘acceptable’ and ‘rude’ but I am what I am, and to attribute it solely to my religion is short-sighted.  Who knows, maybe I’ll change, but for now you have to accept the facts that I don’t drink, I am not sexually active and have no desire to be so, and that I don’t really enjoy watching or hearing or talking about people who do the things I don’t.  I suppose it can’t hurt to feel uncomfortable sometimes (I have to accept the real world eventually)  but I reserve the right to leave a situation or conversation if it goes too far out of my comfort range.

Umm, sorry for this little essay, but I prefer my friends to understand me, or at least how I think of myself.  I could probably explain myself better not this late at night…oh well.

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  1. ecofanat1c wrote:

    Just got back from lunch with the religion conversation still in my mind.  Though I have no answers right now and may never regarding religion and whatnot, just want you to know that I like you just the way you are.   

    Posted 14 Oct 2003 at 16:24

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