Friday October 10, 2003

After all my distress and dismay, Friday afternoon brings the world to rights again.  My paper is turned in, and it is now officially the weekend.  Paul is visiting me tomorrow, and suddenly I feel freed from some heavy weight.  Admittedly it will come back again before too long, but I revel in my temporary liberation.  I should probably just go to bed but I’m hoping to maybe watch a movie or something low key with Danny, Kimi, Erik, and all them.  I am tired but it is not unpleasant; I only hope my serenity lasts longer than I currently anticipate.

Oh, and I’m sorry if I don’t make sense.  Four hours of sleep last night has impaired my both my location and my coherence.  Heh, sometimes I amuse myself.

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  1. ecofanat1c wrote:

    it’s okay, rowyn, we love you even if you’re incoherent.  must find the people with lion king…hehe.

    Posted 11 Oct 2003 at 00:04

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