Clearly I don’t blog very regularly. Whenever I do write, there’s always so much that’s happened in my life since the last time that I hardly know where to begin. This past week marks my two year “Googleversary.” That means I’ve been working full time at Google for two years. In that time I’ve been promoted once and switched roles slightly so that I now focus on internal tools development, though I’m still on the same awesome team. The new position has been challenging at times, but my team mates are great and I enjoy how much I’ve learned, and how many cool technologies there are to at a company as innovative at Google. It’s a great environment in which to be developing new knowledge and skills.

My Googleversary also means I’ve been out of school for over two years now, and I have been considering going back to school for a masters degree next year. It was always likely I would go back to school, but now I have additional incentive from the (generous and amazing) scholarship foundation which has paid for my education thus far: they are winding down the scholarship program, and I need to make a request for graduate school funding by this September 1. Really soon! This means I need to spend some quality time honing in on what I actually want to study — top candidates at the moment are computer science, computational linguistics, and information sciences.

The past few months have also marked more personal anniversaries. At the beginning of May I turned 24, a nice round number with lots of divisors. I’m hoping 24 will be a more stable, less emotionally rocky year than 23 was. And the end of May saw the one year anniversary of my Nana’s death. It’s easy to forget just how much time I spent in the second half of last year helping my family take care of her estate, but I often think of her and miss her. I moved into my current apartment last summer (yet another milestone coming up) at the same time we were clearing out Nana’s house, and a lot of my kitchen implements are inherited from her collection. I make tea with her tea kettle, pour water from her cheerful lemon-patterned pitcher, and bake with the spices that once graced her productive kitchen. If I’m lucky maybe some day I’ll be as good at it as she was.

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    I’m so glad for the update!
    Why is the Buck Scholarship winding down? Boo…I am so curious about your grad school/subject search, and would love to hear more about it. Is any school calling out to you?
    Your nana is with you, every day. She is there in those treasured objects, “Listen more often to things than to beings,”.
    Love you…

    Posted 26 Jul 2009 at 12:02

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