It took me a while to understand Lara‘s “Google-Age” posts, but looking at the queries for which my site is coming up as a Google result, I’m now inspired to write one of my own:

is welsh hard – I certainly think so. Try saying “I arddangos gwir brydferthwch” five times fast. Scrap that, try saying it once.

rabbits iced tea – This has me picturing a rabbit tea party in summer. With carrot cake. For the unimaginative, here’s what Google images has to offer:

Rabbit's Tea Party

serendipitous antonym – Has a lovely nonsensical ring to it, doesn’t it?

simulationist dramatist gamist victory – Uhhhhhh. Got me on this one. Wikipedia to the rescue!

my jacket thingy – The hottest fall trend. Try pairing with a contrasting skirt thingy and some diction exercises.

unmet deadlines – I’m the number two result in Google! Hmm, come to think of it, maybe that’s not something to be proud of…

arr matey pirate larp – ARRRRRRRR! Need I say more?

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