New Year

I am holding off on a proper list of new year’s resolutions until I can find ones that are at least somewhat realistic. The problem is, I always make the same resolutions and don’t keep them. What’s the trick?

One of my potential resolutions would be to keep a (brief) journal. Meaning daily (jour = day…yeah okay whatever). Since I have recently discovered that my memory has huge blank spots, a journal would be a useful supplement. Plus, it could help me keep track of various health problems so that I have a more concrete sense of their frequency and severity.

So here’s my first entry for the new year, with no promise of contiuation:

What I did today:
Ran lots of errands: returned a movie, took my skis in for a tune-up, returned an unwanted gift to Target, bought Sandra a Christmas gift, and went to Trader Joe’s. Then I went for a walk around the reservoir with Lisa, which was nice. Plenty of girl talk about relationships. We discovered that there’s a place in Lafayette over near Trader Joe’s that serves boba. Who knew? Finished the day off watching too many episodes of Gilmore Girls by myself at home while eating leftovers and pulling my hair.

How I felt today:
Physically, I have a throbbing headache not quite as bad as the one I had yesterday. Somewhat worrisome, but maybe I just need more water. Mentally it’s hard to say since my mind is all over the place. I miss David, though on some level what I’m probably missing is just having someone there — I’m sure being single is character building and all that but it can be awfully lonely. I also miss Paul. It’s…well, as I said, my mind’s all over the place, and there’s not much I can do except wait it out and look forward to reconnecting when he gets back from Europe.

Over and out.

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