Update: 13 June 2008

I now have exactly 100 songs on my social dance playlist, which is 6.3 hours. I am very pleased with my collection, especially since it has grown by 8 new waltzes just since the beginning of the year.

So far this year has been chock full of dancing; three dances just this month, and there are at least two (including Viennese Ball!) coming up next month. Happiness is mine.

Maybe one of these days I’ll make a website of dance discography, since I’ve spent countless hours tracking down all these songs, and what if there are other people wasting their time doing the same thing?

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  1. wyterabbit wrote:

    Just stumbled across this old post. And I do in fact now have website of dance discography! Well, a blog about dance music, but close enough.

    It’s here: http://socialdancemusic.blogspot.com/

    Posted 13 Jun 2008 at 08:55

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