Wednesday January 26, 2005

I do exist.  Sorry I am so out of touch with everyone; I have no excuse, really.  Today was a sunshiney, rainy day, replete with a full-arched double rainbow.  Now it is just a matter of deciding what work is worth doing and convincing myself to do the non-homework things that are also important (such as being in touch with people).  I am enjoying CS, by the way.  Less so linguistics; somehow neither the textbook nor the professor is particularly clear, which is unfortunate.  Sometimes I wonder if it is just me, but I find that hard to believe, considering I have studied both syntax and logic, so the material itself shouldn’t be problematic.  Hence I blame the presentation.  But enough on that.  French is also going well; it is nice to be studying it again.  I am amazed how much I forget, and how much I remember.  Many words I cannot come up with while speaking, but when told what they are, I recognize and remember them immediately, so they must be at least partially stored somewhere in my jumbled brain. 

But no more wasting time blogging; I finished Neverwhere today but I don’t want to turn to other leisure activities just yet.  Reading feels more virtuous than Warcraft or anything on the computer, really.  Have a good day?

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  1. spamchang wrote:

    yay rainbows! boo raining during crew practice :p have a good day to you too.

    Posted 26 Jan 2005 at 19:30
  2. Prismakaos wrote:

    mrrr…glad to see you back on, at least for one entry.

    Posted 27 Jan 2005 at 01:14
  3. dalazhreia wrote:

    Cool. Glad things are not going badly, at least.

    What’s Neverwhere? … ok, don’t tell me here, that’s what google is for.

    Posted 27 Jan 2005 at 03:44

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