Spring study list

OH 52: Asking questions, getting answers (2 units)
Course Description: Continuation of OH 51. Topics include how to prepare for office hours with your professor, what sorts of questions get the best answers, and strategies for overcoming fear of sounding stupid. Prerequisite: ability and willingness to go to office hours.

AM 101: Introduction to compulsive disorders (4 units)
Course Description: Survey of the most common anxiety-related and impulse-control disorders, including trichotillomania. Discussion of treatment methods such as habit-reversal training, medication, stimulus control techniques, and hypnosis.

SG 303: Surviving third quarter junior year (4 units)
Course Description: This class will address concerns and challenges facing students at the end of their third year. Individual consulting for questions such as: What should I do this summer? How can I finish my major on time? When should I start worrying about grad school? Class structure will alternate indvidualized sessions with guest lectures on popular topics such as How Much Work is Honors, Really? and Successful Internship Applications. Prerequisite: SG 301 OR 302.

HEALTH 27S: Seminar on long-term medical problems (2 units)
Course Description: Have you been dealing with a medical condition for over 3 months? Do you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable sharing your problems with other people? Are you worried about the psychological effects of ongoing malaise? You’re not alone! Join other students with the same questions and concerns in a comfortable discussion environment. All mental/physical disorders welcome – no matter how obscure or uncommon.

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  1. punkosopher wrote:

    You know, at first I thought OH 52 was actually a real class. I wondered, though, how a class on office hours could be 2 units. :-)

    How Much Work is Honors, Really?

    Not that much, if you have a helpful advisor.

    Posted 09 Mar 2006 at 07:50
  2. prismakaos wrote:

    good lord, they totally need to offer SG303. I would have taken it. ;)

    Posted 11 Mar 2006 at 03:29

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