Dance Tracks

Rotary waltz/redowa
Erin Shore (The Corrs)
Nara (E. S. Posthumus)
Stormens Oga (Nordman)
Two Hearts Beat as One (unknown)

Cross-step waltz
Angel (Sarah McLaghlan)
Ashokan Farewell (Jay Ungar)
It is You (Shrek soundtrack)
Satellite (Dave Matthews Band)
The Chase (Emer Kenny)

Zoot Suit Riot (Cherry Poppin Daddies)
Jump Jive an’ Wail (Brian Setzer)
Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats)

Gotta Tell You (Samantha Mumba)
La Senorita (Captain T.)

Club Two-step
I Wanna Be with You (Mandy Moore)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)

Caress Me Down (Sublime)
Misery (Green Day)

Escape (Enrique Iglesias)

Cotton Eye Joe (Rednex)
Bohemian National Polka

Comments 2

  1. pandoradeloeste wrote:

    Hahaha, just got a really funny picture of people dancing the schottische to “Caress Me Down”.

    Can I suggest “Tango Maureen” for (duh) tango?

    Posted 21 Jan 2006 at 06:21
  2. shadowyvern wrote:

    Here’s another one: “Witch in the Ditch” (Erasure); it’s a nice hyper-waltz :)

    Posted 22 Jan 2006 at 14:03

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