Wednesday September 22, 2004

I was in a very good mood, having run into Pat and Hammad at dinner this evening, and then I got back and got some unsolicted call from some company and I’m absolutely horrible about hanging up on them and I HATE STANFORD OR WHATEVER INSTITUTION DECIDED TO SELL MY PHONE NUMBER TO THIRD PARTIES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  I only GOT the number a few days ago.  ARGH.

As was pointed out to me, it is possible that these calls are the fault of whomever was assigned this particular number before me.  Hopefully I can either get the number changed or find a way to make it more confidential. 

[Further edit]:
How does he do it?  It’s as though he can sense, even from across the country, just what I need.  And the world seems at rights again….

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  1. spamchang wrote:

    maybe it was a random number cold call…-_-;;

    Posted 22 Sep 2004 at 22:56
  2. g3rald_ch3n wrote:

    all telemarketers ought to be shipped to a single country, and there should be laws emplaced saying one can only telemarket domestically.  I think that would work.

    Posted 23 Sep 2004 at 12:12
  3. forgetmeknot wrote:

    dude i think it’s time you updated

    Posted 26 Sep 2004 at 16:06
  4. Prismakaos wrote:

    dude, UPDATE!  i wanna know stuffs.

    Posted 07 Oct 2004 at 01:45

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