Bothersome illness

I’m tired of my sore throat. It started Wednesday, felt marginally better Friday, and still hurts just as much as it did Friday morning. Odd thing is, it doesn’t sting like a normal sore throat, and I haven’t any other symptoms of anything. Very frustrating…I’ve tried everything I can think of. It is amazing how little work I get done on Saturdays, in general. I try, and I usually manage to do reading-type homework and math, but that’s all. Heh. Well, hard work tomorrow for me, as always. But I figure at least 9 hours of sleep tonight so that’s okay. And it isn’t really whatever time this entry says. It is actually 9:56 PM. Whatever. Weekens are nice…even rainy ones. And I’ve decided I like books set in Africa (The Poisonwood Bible), movies set in Africa (Nowhere in Africa, The Power of One), music from Africa (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), and songs about Africa (Africa).


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  1. darkness wrote:

    What’s the poisonwood bible about again? i started reading it at COSMOS but didn’t get very far… it was really interesting though…

    Posted 16 Apr 2003 at 00:28
  2. me wrote:

    It is about a Baptist family living in the Congo. Great book.

    Posted 16 Apr 2003 at 16:29

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