Well boys and girls, welcome to tax-season update number one and only. This week has been overwhelmingly devoted to my taxes, which were unecessarily, frustratingly, distressing complicated this year. I won’t go into details. It’s not entirely clear whether everything worked out peachily in the end, but at the very least I feel quite accomplished for having figured it all out and learned so much about finances, specifically tax regulations. If I need a fall-back career option I could always be an accountant. Part of this whole process for me involved repeated discoveries of how little any one person knew about the specific rules that applied to my situation. I found out that financial advice, education, and consulting are limited at best at Stanford. Why should this be? We have legal counseling, psychological counseling, career counseling, academic advising, but no financial advising. It makes me want to go write a letter to someone or bring it up at an ASSU senate meeting or even create an informational website myself. Knowledge is power, right? We’ll see how long my inspiration lasts.

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