It’s Therapeutic

Yesterday, it was hard to get up, and even harder to get started doing homework. Instead of being down on myself for all the other things I did in the meantime, I tried to think of things and being “therapeutic,” which reminded me of this video by Brigitte Dale (1:58 onwards):

Here are some of the kinds of therapy I applied yesterday:

  • Food therapy: Whether it’s filling, hearty oatmeal or can’t-stop-eating-it banana cream pie, food is good.
  • Shower therapy: Being clean feels great. Baths are good too.
  • Sunshine therapy: Sitting out in the sun, enjoy the warmth, admiring the blue sky.
  • Cat therapy: Or more generally, pet therapy. Petting and cuddling with furry creatures who don’t require you to talk or have anything to say themselves is quite fulfilling.
  • Laugh therapy: Tried and true. I highly recommend my sister or friend Simone for this one.

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