Mountain View Parks

When I started apartment hunting last month, I was curious what sort of parks in Mountain View I might end up near. My old apartment was close to Rengstorff Park (map), which is large and has lots of facilities from tennis courts to children’s play structures. So I searched for "park, Mountain View, CA" on Google Maps. A couple showed up, but I was pretty sure there were more, so I checked the Mountain View website, and found a long-list — the city is full of parks! I figured there might be someone else out there interested in the parks, so I started adding entries to Google Maps and created a custom map of all the ones I’d marked:

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So far it has 25 parks. Today, Graham and I started exploring them on bike. We visited five parks:

  1. Sierra Vista
  2. Thaddeus
  3. Whisman
  4. San Veron
  5. Stevenson

There was respectable variety of park layouts and play structures just in the few we visited, though none of the playgrounds were particularly awesome in my opinion. I wanted more and bigger swings, and maybe a merry-go-round or teeter-totter. So I’m keeping my eyes open for those on the next Mountain View park tour.

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