I am grateful for friends both old and new. For old friends to grow and change with, and new friends to share the excitement of discovery.

I am thankful for music both heard and created. For being able to raise my voice one among many in transcendent harmony. For catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and infectious rhythms that make me want to dance.

I appreciate finding, creating, and maintaining shared culture; books, music, and traditions build bridges of common experience and sentiment that remind me how un-alone we are and how much there is in which to take joy.

I give thanks for dance: as expression, as art, as pure pleasure, as something that has brought me in contact with wonderful people, and something that has changed my life in many positive ways.

There is so much else for which to be thankful. Family, cats, laughing aloud, hugs, crawling into a warm bed at the end of a long and happy day… and so much of it comes back to the people I care about. Connections with others are truly what makes my world go around, and something I am thankful for every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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