Trailer for ‘Stardust’, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman.

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  1. zaldreon wrote:

    Wow, that’s really something. Looks like a nice production- they seem to have put a lot of effort into it, and Neil Gaiman is a good writer. It also looks like unusual fantasy, not the usual swords and sorcery world. I definitely would like to see it.

    Posted 30 Mar 2007 at 01:13
  2. anonymous wrote:

    i’m actually incredibly unenthusiastic about this, because to me it looks like everything your friend there just said it didn’t look like. It looks like they tried to make it EPIC and all sword and sorcery kind of fantasy and action adventure, when a large part of the charm of the book is its simplicity and elegance of style. Whatever.


    Posted 05 Jun 2007 at 06:57

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