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If I were to study one of the following “critical need” foreign languages, which one should I pick?




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  1. onetruedavid wrote:

    Well, the question that I have is “to what ends.” It seems like most of these languages would be great for landing you a job with the government to help track down terrorists, or at major corporation X translating discount food processor instruction manuals into local languages. However, this view might just be because I’m an ignorant American and I think MIDDLE EAST = ONLY SAND AND OIL AND TERRORISTS LOL.

    And of course I am FILLED WITH RIGHTEOUS FURY that Japanese is not on that list.

    But yeah, figure out what you would want to do with whatever language you study, and use that to help make the decision. Asking us won’t get you far, especially considering I had no idea what “Punjabi” or “Urdu” were and had to look them up.

    Posted 07 Mar 2007 at 01:11
  2. prismakaos wrote:

    persian > arabic, if you’re going middle eastern route. Everyone and their mother is studying arabic, but Iran is the major issue now.

    Posted 07 Mar 2007 at 08:20

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