Does “serendipity” have an antonym? (edited)

I am not inherently an unhappy person – but I have lived through unhappy experiences and seen other people suffering. I want to make that distinction, because I realise that I may not come across as a happy person. Rather than unhappy, I’d say I’m serious. I take life seriously, and just because I recognise that there is unhappiness and suffering in life doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I do.

In other news, I’m turning 21 in a week, which is a somewhat alarming prospect. Oh, I’m not afraid of “adult responsibilities,” but I have a hard time thinking of myself as being that age. Despite sort of dreading turning a year older, I know the birthday will come and go without much event.  Turning 21 will not convince me that alcohol is at all appealing, and (like every birthday) I’ll wake up feeling pretty much the same as the day before.  All the same, I harbor a masochistic wish for someone to do something special for my birthday. I have another friend who’s birthday is three days after mine, and someone’s already organizing a birthday dinner for him. Maybe people don’t realize that I’d like it if someone did that for me. Or maybe I just have to put something together myself I want anything to happen. In all fairness, my mother used to organize surprise birthdays once in a while when I was younger, and my friends in Branner made me a cute scavenger hunt freshman year.

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